Powwow Shades Of Grey (CH.8)

CHAPTER EIGHT: One man’s journey of love findin’, weekend snaggin’, heartbreakin’ and gettin’ heartbroken, all while enjoying the powwow trail during one crazy summer.

Storified by Ryan McMahon · Tue, Jul 31 2012 12:35:20

Walk back 2 the powwow. Hand in hand. The pervy rez dogs slowly walkng behind us. It’s weird they saw my ass in the air. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Legs still shaking. I feel high. Not acting myself. I’m so happy. Glenda called me "Thunder Dick." I guess I did my job. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
If theres a "next time" it’ll be at my house. I’m gonna cook her a moose meat dinner. Real old school. Warrior style. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Also, if I’m "Thunder Dick" does that make her "Lightening Pussy?" Nope. Horrible name. Maybe "Rain Beaver" is better? #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Back to the powwow. Feels like everyone is staring. We hold each others hands tightly. We both feel it. Damn, Glenda. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Howah, Glenda. Don Smiling Eagle sure looks good in your shirt," the MC announces. Look down. Look up. Look at her. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Look down. I also have her jeans on. I know they’re her jeans cuz I reach in the pocket & find her babies soother. Damn. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Gran sees us. Calls us over there. Great. We walk over. Rez dogs following us. As we approach Gran just shakes her head. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"You’ll have to explain to your 9 yr old nephew what "call me your Thunder Dick," means, Don," spits Gran. "Huh," I ask? #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Apparently my nephew was following me to ask 4 money for a bag of chips. Didn’t see ‘im. He learned a few things today. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Things he learned: a real man will kiss his women AFTER they’ve gone down on him & if he doesn’t he’s an asshole. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Things he learned: when a women says "stay down there & finish the job" you stay down there & finish the job. Or else. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Things he learned: when someone says "spank me" be sure to ask "are you sure" & "where" before you just start smackin’. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Things he learned: when she says "that’s it" you say "fuck no it’s not" and you soldier on. you find a way. dammit. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Things he learned: an accidental finger in the ass isn’t all bad. i was shocked & surprised. admittedly, not bad tho. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Things he learned: dont have sex in the middle of a field unless ur into a kid and a few rez dogs watching it go down. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Things he learned: a bad euphemism for a womans vagina is "wettest tobacco pouch." by the way – i was joking, Glenda. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
It was shitty that my nephew saw us have sex. It was weird he stayed & watched. It was cool he learned a few things tho. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Sun was setting. Dance contest was over. Singing contest over. That meant "goodbye" was soon to follow. Damn, Glenda. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
If I say "I’d love to see you again" would it come off as "I’d love to be inside, around, below & above you again?" #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
We stand at the road. Her car one way, mine the other. "See ya sometime, Thunder Dick," she smiles. Say somethin, Don. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"You sure will, Rain Beaver," I frown. Dont want to come off as desperate but I’m choking on this lump in my throat. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"The lump in my throat says I’d like to see you soon," I say. "I HAD a lump in my throat that says the same," she says. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I ignored the screams & fights of her rotten kids. A look deep in each others eyes. "My mouth + You = HOLY SHIT," I say. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Yep," Glenda smiles. She kisses my cheek. I kiss her jaw. Awkwardly. Get a mouth full of hair. "Until again," she says. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
She walked away. "Get in the goddamn car," she yelled. Her kids looked like they saw a ghost. They scrambled into place. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Stood there. She drove away. I watched her drive over the hill. Looked around. Those 2 rez dogs lay quietly at my feet. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Should’ve charged u two fuckrs admission," I laughed at the dogs. Walk to the car. Gran waiting for the long ride home. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon