Powwow Shades Of Grey (CH.7)

CHAPTER SEVEN: One man’s journey of love findin’, weekend snaggin’, heartbreakin’ and gettin’ heartbroken, all while enjoying the powwow trail during one crazy summer.

Storified by Ryan McMahon · Mon, Jul 23 2012 11:50:41

CH#7 – Walk of shame. Struck out at a Woman’s Drum Circle. Brand new low. Back 2 camp to pack. I need to get outta here. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Get to my grans camp. Pack my shit. It’s been fun – sorta. Time to bounce. Back to the grounds to say bye to Gran. ? #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Hey, my mom’s boyfriend," says Glenda’s boy, Nimkii. "No little man, just a friend," I say. "You like her," he says. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Are you going to put a baby inside of her," he asks. WHAT?!? What the hell do I say to that? "Not on purpose," I laff. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"She said she liked the coffee you bought her. She said so," he said while running away. She said that? Damn, Glenda. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Glenda Old Crow. I STILL want to be your lawn chair. Gotta look for that Haskell jacket in the crowd. She’s still here. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Looking. Mens Fancy special goin down – Men’s Fancy makes women horny. Indian men w/ abs. Big deal. I used to have abs. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Then I see her. She’s cheering. Loudly. Crowd screaming for a 2nd song. She runs out. Hands water to a dancer. SHIT. NO! #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
The MC asks, "You powwow ppl want another song for these Warriors?" They go nuts. 2nd song coming. Think fast. Damn it. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"The Boyz got next, make ’em dance," the MC says. Do it. Don Eagle Smile – fucking do it. I drop my bags. Song starts. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Crowd cheers. I go for it. I hit the arena. Arms, legs, moving to this fancy ruffle song. Glenda Old Crow – you’re mine. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
No regalia. Just my tshirt & shorts. I’m flying. Dancing. I hear cheers. Song break coming. Im dancin for love. Not sex. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
My dick & balls are slapping all over the place, it damn well hurts. I should have worn tighty whities. Damn, Glenda. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
War whoopin. Ass kickin. Song break comin. Its here. STOP. GOT IT. I get the stop. Crowd goes nuts. I scream, "GLENDA!" #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
One more pushup. I’m outta gas. Legs seizing up. We lock eyes. She looks confused. She’s laughing. Tears in her eyes. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Song ends. Crowd crazy. Glenda runs out. I run to her. Legs burning. They weigh 1000 lbs. Take a step – trip. Seriously. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I get up. Get off the dance floor. Glenda helping me. We’re laughing. Barely breathing. "You’re insane," she laffs. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Time stops. We’re laughing. Hugging. Nothing else exists. She hands me water. Laughing so hard. HUGGING. Damn, Glenda. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
When you hug someone you have to decide to bend at the waist (respectful) or GO FOR IT (close hugger, crotch to hip). #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I mix the two. Bend at waist enuff to feel her boobs on my chest, then dip my crotch into her hip & pretend I’m tired. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Glenda, I want to talk," I say. "No talking, fuckin kiss me," she says. We go for it. Like hungry bears on a salmon. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Tongues practically choking each other. So sloppy & slippery, my eyes are being kissed. Hands pulling each others hair. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
We’re whispering things you’re not supposed to say at a powwow. I pull back. My bear claw thumb ring caught in her hair. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Shit," I say. "Ouch fuck," she says. "Ya, sorry. My thumb ring is tangled up" I explain. "Don’t tug it Don," she yells. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
She swears when she’s mad. I like it. If your Indian Woman doesn’t swear and threaten violence when she’s mad – get out. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
The tangle is out. We stare at each other. Big eyed. Lump in my throat. "Oh my god," she says, "your cheek? I’m sorry." #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"What?" "I…gave you a hickey on ur cheek," she says. "It’s cool," I say. "2 of them, they look like balls," she says. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I take a look in a car mirror. Two round, red/purple, hicky’s on my cheek. They do in fact look like balls. On my cheek. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Since u put balls on my cheek, can I put balls on ur cheeks," I joke. "We’ll see," Glenda smiles & says, "let’s walk." #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
We cut through a trail. Come to a clearing. The reserve store across the field. You can barely hear the drums from here. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Sit in the long grass. BOOM! Clothes fly. She tackles me. I tackle her back. But gently, ya know. Gotta walk that line. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Stop, I dont have a condom," I say. "I’ve got four," she says. Four! Holy shit! Four? "Can we use them all," I ask. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"I doubt. Usually Ojibways are only good for two," she says straight faced. Oh. A challenge huh. I accept. Damn, Glenda. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
In my head "Welcome to the Jungle" & "Strokin" by Clarence Carter & Tim McGraw’s "Indian Outlaw" was the sex soundtrack. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Dunno know how long we were in that grass – 4 condoms later I opened my eyes & there were 2 rez dogs sittin’ & watchin’. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
We lay there. Lookin up at the clear blue sky. Unsure of what to say. Quiet. "Balls on cheeks – payed ya back," I laff. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon