Powwow Shades Of Grey (CH.6)

CHAPTER SIX: One man’s journey of love findin’, weekend snaggin’, heartbreakin’ and gettin’ heartbroken, all while enjoying the powwow trail during one crazy summer.

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CH#6 Drum circle. 11 women. Me. Horrible singing. If they sing "The Bear Song" one more time I’m goin to lose my mind. . #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Arlene hands me her drum. "Sing," she smiles. "Healing is sharing," Fiona says. "Sing the AIM song," Phoenix demands. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"I usually only sing in sweats," I say. Gotta get out of here. If my bro’s saw me at a womans drum circle – it’d end me. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Real men sing the AIM song when asked," Phoenix says in disgust. Real men? Damn. NEVER attack an Indian Man’s manhood. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
All we have is our manhood. Whether we fake it (most of us) OR earned it (a few of us) – NEVER attack our manhood. AHO. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I grab that drum & start blastin’…first pushup, second pushup, third pushup, fourth pushup. Killin’ this AIM song! #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I sang that AIM song like it was Schemitzun 1999 up in here! Open my eyes. Look around. Tears from a few. I KEEP SINGIN. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
They start singin & I’m singin’. Voices crackin. Sang that song for an hour. Drum circlin’ the way ONLY white ppl can. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
We’re done singin. Voices shot. Sweatin. Women huggin. Crying. Healing. Tears of joy. Weird, new age-ee tears of joy. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
They make their way to me. A hug. A thanks. I was there to get laid. Plain & simple. Now they’re calling me "brother." #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Arlene calls everyone quiet. "Today we were touched by a REAL warrior spirit, a true gift." she says. Everyone stares. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Ur voice touched me today, Don. U know that," Arlene asks. Was hoping my dick would touch U today, Arlene. U know that? #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Ur voice is your gift," she continues. I tune out. Another Matrix moment. This time – the trees turn into powwow dudes. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"So. You came to a Woman’s Drum Circle to try to get laid," Tree asks. "Sorta," I say. "Come w/ me," he demands. Christ. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Tree picks me up like a rag doll. Through the bush we go. Fast! Up the hill. Across a river. "Stupid, man," Tree says. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
We stop at a house. "Look in there," Tree says. "One night stand gone wrong. They hate each other. 5 kids later. NEXT." #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Flying again. "I get it, Tree" I say. "Do you," Tree laughs. Suddenly we stop. Lakeside. "Look in there," Tree says. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I look in the lake. It’s like I’m watching a movie. Drum circle. Women. Me. Songs. "Wanna see the ending," Tree asks. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
He dunks me under water. I’m back at the drum circle. Arlene wraps up her speech. Women leave. I stay. Arlene cleans up. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"Great circle," she says. "Ya," I say. "Must be exhausted," she asks. "Sorta." "Me too," she says. "Nap time," I say. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Heart pounding. READY TO GO. EARN. YOUR. BUSTLE. In the tent – look around. This isn’t a tent. It’s a powwow bordello. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Sweet grass whip. A BDSM swing with a bear skin rug seat. A moose balls ball gag. A dream catcher choker & chain. WOWZA. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I try to come up for air. Tree holds me down. "Keep watching, it’s just getting good," Tree laughs. Arlene ties me up. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
She unlaces a handdrum. Ties me up. Feet. Hands. "Moose balls ball gag," she smiles. How culturally appropriate. "#PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I’m in the swing now – being Bear Clan, I apologize to this bear in my head. I hope I’m not sitting on this bears face. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
She’s wearing a piece of white buckskin. Her nipple rings connected to the beadwork w/ bone & sinew. "Ready," she asks. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
She lights 4 candles. "Sage scented. I keep it sacred," she says. Glad we’re making "God" happy during our torture sex. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
"You ready to earn your bustle, Don Smiling Eagle," she asks. "Unggghh hhhuuhhhhh," I nod. Finally. Magic. Balls on ass! #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
She picks up the wax. "This is for ur little Indian, Don. We’re going to make a mould for me to keep." Uh. No we aren’t. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I shoot up for air. "NOOOO," I scream. "Oh yes, Don," Tree laughs. "Watch the ending, it’s a gooder," Tree explains. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I look again. My view of the scene has changed now. I see the camp. I see & hear the tent. I see my Gran & mom walking. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Weirdest sex-not sex-sorta sex-mostly terrifying-weird-grabbing & pinching-sex is going on. No clue what is happening. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
We’re begging each other to stop. To keep going. Swing is rocking. It’s horrifyingly incredible. The worst & the best. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Then I hear it. "This is her camp here," my Gran says. "Oh good, hope we aren’t late for dinner plans,’ my mom says. "#PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Mom. Arlene. Coworkers. Dinner plans. NOOOO. "Weird, her car is here. Where is she? Arlene. You in there," mom shouts. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Arlene unzips the tent. "Be right out," she says. "Christ," my Gran yells. There I sit. Moose balls ball gag in mouth. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Shoot up for air. Vision over. Tree on the ground laughing. "What the…," I yell? "Why are u doing this to me," I ask. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Tree laughs, "Be smart when horny." He picks me up. We shoot through the bush. Back across the river, over the hill. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Tree drops me back in camp. Everything blurry. Blinking. Look around. Arlene cleaning up. "You tired," she asks smiling. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
I mumble, "I dont want moose balls in my mouth. Ur not getting a mould of my dick & I wont sit on a bears face for you." #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon
Silence. I look at her. She looks at me. Says nothing. Say something, Arlene. Tell me I’m crazy. Or am I? Thanks, Tree. #PowwowShadesOfGreyRyan McMahon